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The World Market for Coriolis Flowmeters, 3rd Edition

A New Market Study from Flow Research - Now Available! (September 2008)


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Flow Research has completed a new market study called The World Market for Coriolis Flowmeters, 3rd Edition. It was previously published in 2001 and 2003.  The 2008 edition of the study includes the segmentation included in earlier versions, and also will introduce new segmentation.  A lot of important developments have occurred in the Coriolis flowmeter market in the past several years. This study takes these developments into account, and provides a completely updated look at the worldwide Coriolis flowmeter market.

Since completing our first Coriolis study in 2001, we have been following this market very closely.  Many developments have been described in our quarterly report, the Market Barometer. Each issue of the Market Barometer includes an update on the Coriolis flowmeter market. This new study builds on the knowledge we have gained over the years, but it is a completely new look at this market. For more information on the Market Barometer, go to www.worldflow.com

This study will address the key issues in the Coriolis flowmeter market, including:

  • Growth in the use of smart Coriolis flowmeters
  • The relative merits of straight tube vs. bent tube meters
  • The growing use of Coriolis flowmeters to measure gas flow
  • The emerging market for Coriolis in steam flow measurement
  • Growth in the market for large line size Coriolis meters
  • Low cost Coriolis meters



This study includes market size in dollars and units for Coriolis flowmeters worldwide and by geographic region.  It reveals market shares by geographic region.  It says what industries Coriolis flowmeters are sold into.  The study also includes other important segmentation, including:

  • Smart vs. conventional

  • Bent vs. straight flowtube

  • Gas vs. liquid vs. steam

  • Line sizes (from <1 inch to 12 inches)

  • Industry 

  • Type of Communication Protocol (Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, HART, etc.)

  • Sales Channel (Direct vs. Independent Reps vs. Distributors vs. E-Business)

  • Customer Type (End-users vs. OEMs vs. Systems Integrators vs. Engineers/Consultants

Goals of Study


One main goal of this study was to determine the size of the Coriolis flowmeter market worldwide in 2007.  This market continues to be one of the fastest growing flowmeter markets, as end-users continue to order Coriolis flowmeters for their superior accuracy and high reliability.


One important issue is the growth in the use of straight-tube Coriolis flowmeters. Up until 1994, all Coriolis meters had bent tubes. While bent tube meters still have many advantages, they do introduce pressure drop. Pressure drop is an issue because in many cases the fluid has to be pumped up to its original velocity. This costs money, as it requires the use of pumps. Krohne was the first company to introduce a commercially successful straight tube meter in 1994.


This study also examines the growing use of Coriolis flowmeters for gas flow measurement. Coriolis flowmeters were originally brought out to measure the flow of liquids. While gas flow measurement is somewhat more difficult for Coriolis meters, their use for this purpose is growing. Custody transfer of natural gas is a fast growing market, especially with the increased popularity of natural gas as an energy source, and with the rising price of both oil and natural gas. Custody transfer is one of a number of gas applications that are boosting sales of Coriolis meters.


Steam flow measurement is a new frontier for Coriolis flowmeters. Currently, this market is dominated by differential pressure (DP) and vortex flowmeters. However, as the technology improves, this is becoming a growth area for Coriolis flowmeters. Steam flow measurement is growing in importance as companies look to increase energy efficiency and cut energy costs. The high accuracy and reliability of Coriolis meters make this an attractive option for some steam flow applications.


Sweet 16. Flow Research has completed a series of 16 studies that include all types of flowmeters.  Information about these studies is at http://www.flowresearch.com/flow.htm.  This study should be of special interest to any manufacturer of Coriolis flowmeters, and to users and specifiers of Coriolis flowmeters.


To order this study, contact Flow Research by email at  jesse@flowresearch.com, or call Flow Research at 781-245-3200. In the United States, call toll free at (800) 245-1799. Or, use our handy Order Form. 

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