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Dear Friend of Flow:

Flow Research is pleased to announce the release of our new study, The World Market for Coriolis Flowmeters, 3rd Edition.  This is a completely new edition of a study that was first published in 2001 and 2003.  In conducting the study, we contacted all known suppliers of Coriolis flowmeters and received nearly 100 percent participation from the suppliers. 

Our new Coriolis study provides market size and market share information for Coriolis flowmeters on both a regional and worldwide basis (see www.flowcoriolis.com for more information).  We included all the segmentation from the first two editions, plus some new segmentation that was requested by Founding Sponsors of the study.  Some of the segmentation in the study is as follows:

         Geographic region

         Flowtube type

         Mounting type

         Fluid type

         Intelligence level

         Communication protocol


         Distribution channel

         Customer type


In addition, we have added the following segmentation that was not included in earlier editions of this study:

         Temperature range

         Tube material type


Please see the enclosed Overview for more details on the segmentation.

This study is designed to bring you up to speed very quickly on the worldwide flowmeter market.  One important trend revealed in the Coriolis study is the trend towards meters for large line sizes.  Rheonik (now part of GE Sensing) used to be the only company offering Coriolis meters in line sizes above six inches.  Now Endress+Hauser, Micro Motion, and KROHNE all offer Coriolis meters in large line sizes.

While the majority of Coriolis flowmeter applications are for liquids, Coriolis flowmeters are now more widely accepted for gas flow measurement.  Coriolis flowmeters are also being used to measure steam flow, but this is a still a very small percentage of the total applications.  This study includes segmentation on liquid, steam, and gas applications for Coriolis flowmeters.  Some Coriolis suppliers also carry vortex flowmeters to use as a backup for steam flow applications that are difficult for Coriolis flowmeters to handle.

Coriolis flowmeters remain very popular with end-users.  End-users are demanding more accuracy and reliability in many of their applications, and Coriolis meters are the most accurate type of flowmeter made.  Given that Coriolis meters have no moving parts, except for the vibrating tube, they are also a very reliable meter, with little maintenance required.  In addition to gas flow measurement, Coriolis flowmeters are increasingly used for custody transfer of petroleum liquids.  A detailed application breakout in the study shows custody transfer, process measurement, and compressed natural gas applications.

Besides trends, market size, and forecasts to 2012, this study includes strategies, and company profiles of all the main suppliers.  If you are already in the Coriolis flowmeter market, or looking to get into this fast-growing market, then this study is for you.  Use the enclosed EZ Order Form, or simply give us a call to order the study. 

Best regards,


Jesse Yoder, PhD

President, Flow Research



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